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Ian Bogost on Videogames

Ian Bogost creates “videogames commercially, as well as in other contexts: pleasure, art, exhibition, or research.”

His website contains, among other content, a syllabus for his course on game design and analysis.

Prof. Bogost is also the author of Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames. In the words of the book’s publisher, Bogost

argues that videogames, thanks to their basic representational mode of procedurality (rule-based representations and interactions), open a new domain for persuasion; they realize a new form of rhetoric [and] […] argues further that videogames have a unique persuasive power that goes beyond other forms of computational persuasion. Not only can videogames support existing social and cultural positions, but they can also disrupt and change those positions, leading to potentially significant long-term social change.

Table of contents and sample chapter available from MIT Press.

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