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Hawk, Byron, David M. Rieder, and Ollie Oviedo, Eds., Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools

Hawk, Byron, David M. Rieder, and Ollie Oviedo, Eds., Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 2008. Print


Introduction: On Small Tech and Complex Ecologies
Byron Hawk and David M. Rieder

I. Traditional Software in New Ecologies
1. Data Visualization as New Abstraction and as Anti-Sublime
Lev Manovich
2. Softvideography: Digital Video as Postliterate Practice
Adrian Miles
3. Technopolitics, Blogs, and Emergent Media Ecologies: A Critical/Reconstructive Approach
Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner
4. Remembering Dinosaurs: Toward an Archaeological Understanding of Digital Photo Manipulation
Karla Saari Kitalong
5. Cut, Copy, and Paste
Lance Strate
6. Dreamweaver and the Procession of Simulations: What You See Is Not Why You Get What You Get
Sean D. Williams
7. Revisiting the Matter and Manner of Linking in New Media
Collin Gifford Brooke
8. ScriptedWriting() { Exploring Generative Dimensions of Writing in Flash Actionscript
David M. Rieder

II. Small Tech and Cultural Contexts
Overhearing: The Intimate Life of Cell Phones
Jenny Edbauer
I am a DJ, I am What I Say: The Rise of Podcasting
Paul Cesarini
Walking with Texts: Using PDAs to Manage Textual Information
Jason Swarts
Text Messaging: Rhetoric in a New Keypad
Wendy Warren Austin
Beyond Napster: Peer-to-Peer Technology and Network Culture
Michael Pennell
Communication Breakdown: The Postmodern Space of Google
Johndan Johnson-Eilola
Let There Be Light in the Digital Darkroom: Digital Ecologies and the New Photography
Robert A. Emmons Jr.
“A Demonstration of Practice”: The Real Presence of Digital Video
Veronique Chance
Buffering Bergson: Matter and Memory in 3D Games
Julian Oliver
Shifting Subjects in Locative Media
Teri Rueb

III. Future Technologies and Ambient Environments
9. Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool: Learning by Configuring
James J. Sosnoski
10. Digital Provocations and Applied Aesthetics: Projects in Speculative Computing
Johanna Drucker
11. De-Humanization, Rhetoric, and the Design of Wearable Augmented Reality Interfaces
Isabel Pedersen
12. Sousveillance: Wearable and Digital Tools in Surveilled Environments
Steve Mann, Jason Nolan, and Barry Wellman
13. Ambient Video: The Transformation of the Domestic Cinematic Experience
Jim Bizzocchi
14. Sound in Domestic Virtual Environments
Jeremy Yuille
15 . Getting Real and Feeling in Control: Haptic Interfaces
Joanna Castner Post
16. Digital Craft and Digital Touch: Hands-On Design with an “Undo” Button
Mark Paterson

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